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Fear of Flying

LIST OF FEARS and How to Overcome it

Fear of Public Bathrooms

When you gotta go, you gotta go! But if the thought of using public bathrooms causes anxiety, dread, embarrassment, or disgust, this relaxing hypnosis session will help you overcome that fear so you can meet the call of nature when it comes.

Fear of Others Vomiting

Overcome Fear of Others Vomiting

Fear of Terrorism

Overcome fear of terrorism and get on with your life

Fear of the Phone / Making Calls

Overcome fear of the phone and enjoy having a proper chat

Fear of Violence

How to stop the fear of violence from limiting your life

Fear of Going Crazy

Overcome the Fear of Going Crazy

Fear of Vomiting – Emetophobia

How hypnosis can help you overcome emetophobia.

Fear of Planning

Are you reluctant to make plans ahead of time? Fear of planning can really get in the way of enjoying life. Get it sorted today…

Fear of Driving Over Bridges / Phobia

Overcome fear of driving over bridges now…

Fear of Saying Goodbye

If you find it hard saying goodbye and find yourself getting too emotional, this hypnosis session can help you say farewell more calmly…

Fear Of Loud Noises

Fear of loud noises can make you jump sky-high at sounds that others barely notice. Let hypnosis re-educate your unconscious to take loud noises in your stride…

Fear Of Growing Up

Fear of growing up is usually a fear of responsibility, but there are ways of looking at it that make it much easier. Try hypnosis today…

Fear of Public Transport

A fear of public transport can make life really difficult, especially if you live in a city. Let hypnosis ease you out of that old fear and into comfort in public transport…

Fear of Asking For Help

Hypnosis can help you overcome your resistance to getting help when you need it

Fear of Bees and Wasps

Fear of bees or fear of wasps is a common phobia, but can easily be alleviated with the gentle use of hypnosis. Try this remarkably effective download now for only $14.95

Fear of Photographs

Fear of having your photograph taken is remarkably common. Hypnosis can help you relax about photographs, and even have fun along with everyone else in the photo.

Fear of Aging for Women

Don’t let the fear of aging spoil your life a moment longer

Overcome Fear of Rejection

Fear of rejection tends to make you behave in ways that will ultimately get you rejected. Banish it from your relationships today.

Overcome Fear of Leaving Home

Time to go – so leave home with a spring in your step!

Overcome Fear of Being Alone / Loneliness

Be more comfortable being alone by using hypnosis to change the way you feel

Overcome Fear of Poverty

Lose your fear of poverty with hypnosis

Overcome Fear of Commitment

Overcome fear of commitment in relationships today and feel more deeply connected.

Overcome fear of general anesthesia

Calm your fear of general anesthesia and get ready for your surgery

Overcome Fear of Pain

An element of the pain experience that’s often overlooked is how the expectation of pain can affect our perception of the pain. Train your brain to stop fearing pain and making it worse with this relaxing hypnosis session.

Overcome Fear of Abandonment

Stop feeling desperate or needy about a relationship and learn how to relax and feel secure instead

Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Don’t let fear and anxiety ruin your life. Learn how to manage these difficult emotions in all kinds of situations, so that you can face life’s challenges and opportunities with confidence.

Overcome Fear of Spending Money

If you constantly worry about spending money, even on necessities, this relaxing hypnosis session can help. Whether it’s because of past money worries or childhood conditioning to be frugal, hypnosis can help you overcome the fear of spending money.

Overcoming Fear of Water / Phobia

Hypnosis can help you update unconscious responses so your fear of water evaporates

Overcome Fear of Technology

Overcome fear of technology and make technology work for you

Overcome Fear of New Places

Overcome fear of new situations and unfamiliar surroundings – feel at home anywhere

Overcoming Fear of Success / Phobia

Overcome fear of success quickly and easily

Overcome Fear of Spiders / Phobia

Cure your fear of spiders now!

Overcoming Fear of Snakes / Phobia

You can ease away your fear of snakes surprisingly quickly with hypnosis

Cure Fear of Needles / Phobia

Overcome Phobia or Fear of Needles Quickly and Painlessly

Overcome Fear of Hospitals / Phobia

Overcome Fear of Hospitals quickly and comfortably

Overcome Fear of Heights

Overcome fear of heights, quickly and comfortably.

Overcome Fear of Flying

Overcome fear of flying quickly and comfortably with hypnosis

Overcome Fear of Cancer

Put the fear of cancer aside and get on with your life

Overcome Fear of Failure

Fear of failure stops so many people in their tracks. This powerful hypnosis download will help you beat it, once and for all.

Overcome Fear of Sick People

Whether caused by discomfort with seeing others ill or concern about contagion, having a fear of sick people can get in the way of being there when loved ones need comfort and help. Use this relaxing hypnosis download to overcome the fear so you can be supportive.

Overcome Fear of Losing Loved Ones

Use the relaxing Overcome Fear of Losing Loved One’s hypnosis session to enjoy more deeply the time you have with someone by overcoming the fear of losing them.

Overcome Fear of Being Late

Gently overcome your fear of being late with this relaxing hypnosis session.

Beat Fear of Reading Out Loud

Overcome fear of reading out loud and learn to read to an audience clearly and confidently with this powerfully relaxing hypnosis session.

Overcome Fear of Falling in Love

Hypnosis can help you overcome a fear of falling in love and open your heart to love bravely.

Overcome Fear of Falling Over
Slipping or tripping can lead to a fear of falling over and restrict opportunities to engage in life. Listen to this session and regain your ability to walk confidently.

Overcome Fear of Missing Out

Fear of missing out can make you spend your life chasing excitement without ever stopping to consider what it really is you want to do. Use this session to overcome the feeling of missing out and start making clear decisions.

Overcoming Fear / Phobia of Elevators

Fear of elevators download: Rise above elevator phobia forever!

Overcome Fear of Working

Fear of work is a crippling fear because ultimately, work is what lends meaning to life. Get over the fear of work today with this gentle but powerful hypnosis download.

Overcome Fear of Escalators

Fear of escalators is surprisingly common, but you can get help overcoming it with this advanced hypnosis download.

Overcome Fear of Boats

Overcome fear of boats with this gentle yet powerful advanced hypnosis download.

Overcome Fear of Laughter

Other people laughing can trigger fear and anxiety. Use this gentle yet powerful hypnosis download to train your brain to be calm and indifferent to the sound of laughter.

Overcome Fear of Eye Contact

Making eye contact is a totally natural part of human communication. In fact, eye contact is the first part of human communication. Long before a baby can speak, or understand words, in the very first…

Overcome Fear of Making Mistakes

Overcome fear of making mistakes with this powerful hypnosis download. Download now and start feeling better right away.

Overcome Fear of Fainting

Overcome Fear of Fainting with this gentle but powerful hypnosis download.

Overcome Fear of Driving

Overcome fear of driving quickly and comfortably with hypnosis

Overcome Fear of Confrontation

Let hypnosis quickly help you conquer the fear of confrontation and conflict

Overcome Fear of Doctors

How to face seeing the doctor with calm and confidence

Overcome Fear of Death

Overcome fear of death and enjoy life more

Overcoming Fear of the Dark / Phobia

Overcome Fear of the Dark quickly and easily

Overcome Fear of Crowds

From a hundred to five thousand – feel comfortable in a crowd!

Overcome Fear of Change

Overcome fear of change with this advanced hypnosis session – fully guaranteed.

Overcome Fear of Birds

Overcome Fear of Birds comfortably – right now!

Overcome Fear of Falling

Fear of falling can restrict your enjoyment of your senior years. Get some help being more confident on your feet with this gentle hypnosis download.

Overcome Fear of Touch

Fear of touch (touching or being touched) can lead to problems in intimate relationships, and even day-to-day interactions. Get some gentle hypnotic help relaxing with touch with this advanced download.

Overcome Fear of Being Judged

Fear of being judged by other people is common, but you can rise above this and become much more your own person as a result. Try hypnosis today to break free…

Overcome Fear Of Money

Fear of money sounds unlikely to a lot of people, but it is real. Happily, you can unlearn this attitude using hypnosis…

Overcome Fear of Pregnancy

If your fear of pregnancy is getting in the way of having children, try this gentle hypnosis audio to help you overcome your worries…

Overcome Fear Of Emotions

Fear of emotions can arise for many reasons and can be a real block to healthy relationships. Get over the block today with hypnosis…

Don’t Fear Cancer Recurrence

It’s only natural to fear cancer recurrence, and completely understandable, but when it starts to ruin your life, it’s time to take action. Try this download to relieve the pressure on yourself.

Overcome Fear of Clowns

Overcome fear of clowns quickly and comfortably with this guaranteed hypnosis session.

Overcome Fear of Authority

Learn to relax and be confident with people in positions of power or authority

Overcome Fear of Women

For any man, a fear of women is a major obstacle to a happy life. Hypnosis can remove the fear for you, and even make approaching women enjoyable…

Overcome Fear of Sex

Fear of sex can cause personal distress and relationship problems and lead to diminished quality of life. Hypnosis can re-educate that part of your mind to delight in sex as a natural part of life.

Beat Fear and Anxiety Pack

5 selected hypnosis downloads to help you overcome excess fear and anxiety for good

Overcome Fear of Darkness for Kids

Fear of darkness – kids are quite likely to grapple with it at some stage. If it is particularly severe or lasts a long time, a gentle intervention might help. This download is a beautifully crafted story designed to help children look at darkness differently.

Overcome Fear of Mice / Phobia

You can overcome the fear of mice (mice phobia) by re-educating your brain to respond to mice with indifference, instead of fear. Hypnosis is a painless and quick way to do this. Only $14.95.

Overcome Fear of Numbers

Fear of numbers is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anxiety makes it more difficult to think clearly, making numbers and math much harder. Get over your fear today…

Overcome Fear of Cats

If you’re scared of cats, did you know you can overcome the fear of cats quickly and easily with hypnosis? Try this powerful but gentle download.

Overcome Fear of Sharks

Fear of sharks may seem eminently reasonable – after all sharks are dangerous! But the risk is generally very low and if your fear is keeping you out of the water, then perhaps it’s time to give hypnosis a try.

Overcome Fear of Travel

Fear of travel is such a life-limiting thing in today’s world. You know it’s irrational, but it still gets in the way. Try hypnosis to gently re-train your instincts that travel is safe and embrace the world again.

Overcome fear of thunder storms

You can overcome the fear of thunder storms gently and easily with hypnosis. Download this advanced session today and relax during the next storm.

Overcome Fear of Germs

If fear of germs is causing problems in your life, get immediate help to overcome this phobia with this instant hypnosis download.

Overcome Fear of Returning to Work

How hypnosis can help you prepare yourself emotionally for going back to work after a long break

Overcoming Phobia / Fear of Dogs

Overcome your fear of dogs quickly and easily

Public Speaking Fear Hypnosis Pack

Banish your public speaking nerves, and actually enjoy your next presentation (yes, you can!).

Overcome Hypochondria (Fear of Illness)

How to Overcome Hypochondria (fear or phobia of illness)

Overcoming Exam Nerves / Fear

Overcome exam nerves and improve your studying, memory and recall!

Calm Heart Attack Fears

Calm heart attack fears. Try it.

Overcome Dental Phobia / Fear of Dentists

How hypnosis can help you overcome a fear of the dentist

Overcome Public Speaking Fear

If public speaking makes you quake in your boots, give hypnosis a try. Public speaking fear is readily helped with hypnosis – you’ll wish you’d tried it earlier.

How to Detach From Fear

Learn how to detach from fear when you want to do something really challenging. When you tune out anxiety and nervousness, nothing can hold you back.

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