Overcome Depression

Overcome Depression with Self Hypnosis

Super 7 Series for Depression

LIST OF DEPRESSIONS and How to Overcome it

Beat Summer Depression

If you find the longer days and heat of summer bring on summer depression (reverse SAD), this soothing hypnosis download will aid your recovery.

Hypnosis for Depression – Natural Treatment

Fast, effective depression treatment (without drugs) is not only possible but actually much easier than you could possibly have hoped

Help for Postnatal Depression

This gentle, permissive hypnosis session will help ease the symptoms of postnatal depression.

Coming Out of Depression

Coming out of Depression – get a break today

How to Deal With College Depression

Going to college is a risky stage in any young person’s life. Protect against depression with this insightful hypnotic download…

Come Off Antidepressants Safely

Hypnosis can help support you during your withdrawal from antidepressant drugs

Depressed Wife

Living with a depressed wife can be hard. Learn how to help your wife with her depression.

Helping Depressed Husband

Use hypnosis to help you cope with a depressed husband

Managing Bipolar Disorder

Managing bipolar disorder is much easier when you understand how to monitor and respond to your symptoms. Hypnosis can help you gain perspective as you enter different phases.