Overcome Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety with Self Hypnosis 

Super 7 Series for Anxiety


LIST OF ANXIETIES and How to Overcome it

Overcome Anxiety When Dining Out

Hypnosis can help you relax when dining out, remarkably quickly and comfortably. Give it a try today…

Mammogram Anxiety

Anxiety around mammograms is not unusual, but if it’s bad enough to stop you attending your scan, it’s time to take action. Ease away excess anxiety with this gentle download so you can keep yourself safe with appropriate checks.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Effective generalized anxiety disorder treatment can actually be enjoyable. Try hypnosis to stay relaxed and comfortable while reducing anxiety in feared situations.

Bathroom Anxiety

Do you worry about needing to be near a bathroom a lot?

Overcome Retirement Anxiety

Retirees – boost your confidence for retirement today

Overcome Performance Anxiety

Overcome Performance Anxiety – whatever the arena

Overcome Relocation Anxiety

Moving to a new place can be a stressful time, no matter the circumstances. Make the transition go more smoothly with this deeply relaxing hypnosis session.

Overcome General Anxiety for Kids

Equip your child with strong defenses against anxiety with this relaxing, encouraging hypnotic story.

Overcome Urination Anxiety

Anxiety can make you feel like you need to urinate even when your bladder is empty. This relaxing hypnotic audio will help ease that anxiety as well as the sensation of needing to go.

No Reply Anxiety

Not getting a reply to a text, email or voicemail can trigger a whole cascade of insecurity symptoms, from obsessive thoughts to strong anxiety. Get help dealing with the uncertainty today.

Introducing Yourself Anxiety

Introducing yourself can cause anxiety, especially in a group setting. Get some hypnotic help to introduce yourself confidently and calmly in the future.

Overcome Courtroom Anxiety

Appearing in court can be a nerve-wracking experience. Get some help staying calm with this powerful hypnosis download.

Overcome Anticipatory Anxiety

Anticipatory anxiety can make the stress of a difficult situation last weeks, even months. Use this gentle hypnosis download to give yourself a break.

Overcome Dyslexia Anxiety

If you have dyslexia anxiety about it can make reading and learn even harder than it needs to be. Use hypnosis to help you relax about dyslexia and learn more effectively.

Test Result Anxiety

Take the anxiety out of waiting for exam or test results

Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Don’t let fear and anxiety ruin your life. Learn how to manage these difficult emotions in all kinds of situations, so that you can face life’s challenges and opportunities with confidence.

Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety

Men, you can overcome sexual performance anxiety quickly with hypnosis. Give our download a try now and enjoy your next sexual encounter.

Beat Fear and Anxiety Pack

5 selected hypnosis downloads to help you overcome excess fear and anxiety for good

Overcome Child Separation Anxiety at School

The first day at school is a common source of separation anxiety in children. It will often pass by itself. But if this anxiety persists in your child then this gentle and fun hypnosis download may help them get over the problem more quickly..

MRI Scan Claustrophobia Anxiety

Overcome anxiety about claustrophobia during your MRI scan using gentle, powerful hypnosis.

Musicians & Singers Overcome Performance Anxiety / Stage Fright

Overcome performance anxiety and stage fright – musicians and singers.

Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

Use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to get rid of self-consciousness and feel comfortable socially.

Overcome Long Term Presentation Anxiety

Long term presentation anxiety can turn a public speaking engagement into a weeks-long nightmare. Get some relief now.

Beat Job Interview Nerves & Anxiety

Beat interview anxiety and boost your job interview performance

Going back to school anxiety

Eradicate anxiety about going back to school